# DOTA Mobile App

# Login

User needs to go to the Devangri home page.


# User needs to click on the order online

  1. Click on the Login/Signup.


# Sign-in page

User has to provide the login id and password and click on sign-in.


# Orders page

Users orders will reflect on the orders page.


# Go to the Application list


# New order

Click on the add application on applications tab. ordersdota

# Add Application and place order

User need to click on the add application and place order. ordersdota

# Order summary

User needs to fill Project name, Language, Industry,Tone of translation, Instruction and click on place order.


# SDK page

Once the order is completed the page will redirected to SDK page which shows Android SDK-Kotlin/Java and IOS SDK - Swift V2/Objective C.

Note : On SDK page use can use the Test mode tab for testing there application.


# Details page

Details page consists.

  1. Application name.

  2. Languages

  3. Status

  4. Plan

  5. Progress

  6. Application Expiry date

  7. Word count

  8. MAU's



  1. User can add different 15 applications on the App.page upon clicking on the Add app. tab.

  2. User can use the Add language drop down button to add languages as per there package.

  3. User can see his application mode is live on App.page.

  4. User can see the Application names and App key and Bundle ID and phone version on the App.page and status.

  5. User can update instructions on App.page.

  6. User can see the Progress,Word count,Translation type,Proof Read.


# Adding Bundle ID

User needs to go the applications upon clicking on the orders.

applications App bundle

Add generated Bundle Id of your application.


Upon Generating the Bundle ID the user need to enter the Bundle Id in the 'Enter Bundle ID' section

Bundleid submit addedbundle

# MAU's (Monthly Active USer)

User can see applicaton mode,Extra views,Filter,Total pages on the MAU's page.


# Premium translation

User can translate the words to PT by using the PT tab.


# Rule

Some words which never translate or translate as given words.


# Never translate

If User do not want to translate any word we should create a rule upon updating never translate button.


# Always translate

If User wants to translate any particular word he can create a rule for always translate.