# Purpose

This Guide will solve the purpose of user. It provides brief description about :

  1. Devnagri

  2. User Dashboard

  3. Glossary

  4. DOTA Web

  5. DOTA Mobile App

# Devnagri

Devnagri, an AI powered human translation platform is at the clientele service to help businesses reach the potentially huge client base in indian market. Below given is the useful manual that will help in understanding the functionalities of the system. User shall follow the steps to place the order for translation

# Getting Started With Devnagri

On the homepage of the website “www.devnagri.com” there is an option of “Order Translation”. By clicking on the option user will be redirected on the Login page.

# NOTE: User need to sign-up/sign-in before Placing an order

On the login page, individuals have the option to register (opens new window) by completing the necessary information (including Name, Company, Industry, Email ID, Mobile Number, and Password) within the provided link's form.


Placing an Order - Step1

Once the complete details are filled, click on “Register” button, a verification email will be sent on the registered email.


Verify Profile

After that user needs to fill in billing details.



Once Billing details are updated, user can now proceed to create an order.


# Logging In

  1. User can login (opens new window) to devnagri by using credentials (Email ID & password) that were established during the registration process.

Client Signin

  1. User can also login using “Magic Link” option, the user needs to enter the registered email address in the text box and a unique link shall be sent over the registered email using which he/she can login directly.

Magic Signin

# Password Recovery

If user has forgotten (or want to reset) the registered password, then using “Forgot Password” (opens new window) option given on login screen it can be renewed (or reset). Enter the registered Email ID, a reset password link will be sent over email. Click on that link and enter new password. User will be notified on the successful change of the password.

Forgot Password

# Enter Project Name

Choose a relevant project name for the translation order. This can relate to the company, date, or other factors with user could remember it in future

Project Name

# Select Pair of Languages

There will be a combination of languages available for translation. User can select more than one language and can get translation in multiple languages in a single order. User will be given the choice where Source Language will be English and target language can be multiple.

Select Languages

# Select Industry

User need to select the industry specification to which the content is related. It helps Devnagri AI to assist better. Also industry wise glossary feature is available in Devnagri which depends on this selection.

Select Industry

# Add Content To Translate

User has the choice to either upload files or type text the content. Multiple files (Upto 10 files with maximum file size of 5Mb) can be uploaded at Devnagri in different formats. We accept 22 different file formats.

Upload Content

# Click on next button after uploading the file.

# Tone of Translation

Select the level of politeness to target the right audience and to get the correct translation as per the requirements.

Tone of Translation

# Instruction

The added details about the order are provided in this section. User need to add all the specific details regarding the instruction.


# Service Type

Choose the translation service pricing package according to the requirement. There are different packages according to the service provided. Package One User will get certified translators of the designated category. The accuracy rate will remain 78%. Package Two User will get certified translators & reviewers of the designated category. The accuracy rate will remain 95%.

Choose Plan

# Order Summary

At the bottom of the order page will be the Order Summary, in this section details such as word count, language and total payable amount will be shown.

Order Summary

# Total Word

The total number of words will be shown after calculation from written or uploaded files.

# Amount

Amount distribution according to selected package and languages will be shown under this option. The complete details will be mentioned for the billing amount including the taxes.

# Wallet Balance

It shows available wallet balance in user account.

# English To

All the languages selected for translation are shown under this section. User can check whether all the languages are selected or not.

# Apply Coupon

Any offer coupon available with the user can be applied here. This will help to get a discount on the billing amount as per current offers. User need to agree with “Terms & Conditions” after reading the details by selecting the checkbox given.

# Total Amount

The actual billable amount after applying coupon is shown for final billing. User can select the option of “Pay” and can make the payment with internal credits or through different payment gateways.

# Payment

After that user will be redirected to the payment gateway, where the amount for the order can be paid using different methods such as Scan QR with Paytm ,netbanking, debit card, credit card etc.


# Adding Glossary

This works in two ways, user can either add the words manually or can add a file with all the words to be added in glossary. The glossary at Devnagri is updated on the industry basis, it automatically gets embedded in all the orders from the same industry background of the user. On the navigation panel user will find the “Order” menu, select it, go to the “Glossary” tab. In “Add Glossary” option the user can choose between Manual & Upload.


# Manual Glossary

i. Add the “Industry”, select according to the order and terminology

ii. Select "Source language"

iii. Select "Target language"

iv. “Term” add the term/word

v.“Description” is used to add details for the term added. It helps if the translation is required but in a specialized way,

vi.“Translate Term” Select or Deselect; on selecting the option terminology will be translated according to the given instructions & on deselecting the word will remain untranslated.

vii. Use “Save” option to store the terms in glossary.

Add Glossary

# Upload Glossary

i. To understand how to upload the terms in bulk user can “Download Sample File”. Add the term, description, and the status of translation in “Yes/No”

ii. After the information is added in the file and saved, choose the “Industry”.

iii. Select "Source Language"

iv. Upload the file by simple “drag and drop” or selecting the local file destination.

v. As soon as the file gets successfully uploaded select “Save” option.

Upload Glossary

# Order Status


To check the order status user need to find the “order” menu in the navigation panel. On the landing page the order list will be available with all the details. The “Status” option will be showing the current status of the order. The different statuses can be:

  1. Processing: This status remain till the file is completely processed and is ready for translation.

  2. Unassigned: This status indicates that translators are yet to be assigned for the order.

  3. Not Paid: In case of transaction failure or unpaid order this status is shown. User can pay by selecting option from “Action” tab.

  4. Assigned: Once the translator is assigned the project status becomes “Assigned”

  5. Pending Review: If the user chose the option to get the review along with translation then this “Pending Review” status arrives after the completion of translation.

  6. Client Review: Client has to check the order once it has been completed from Devnagri end. Until the client gives approval the “Client Review” status appears.

  7. Completed: After the client marks the order as completed the status is changed to “Completed”

  8. Archived: User can archive the order completed or the order not required. User can use option from “Actions” tab

# Actions


For the project statuses shown there are different actions that user can take, these are:

  1. Translate: To check the current progress of translation, user can choose the option of translate. User can also review the translation and accept the work by using this option.

  2. Archive: User can archive any project using this option. The archived project will be removed from translation process but will be available in the user dashboard.

  3. Download File: User can download all the files of the order with translated content using this option. The files will be available with the format of the original uploaded file.

  4. Pay: Pay For unpaid or for the orders having transaction issues this option can be chosen. It gets removed from the order for which the user has already paid.

# User Dashboard

User dashboard holds all the information about the number of projects ordered, translation status, profile, bill etc.. Below given are the details for the use of different options.

Navigation panel, available options are explained below;

# Profile

Top-right corner has a profile section that includes User Name and registered Email address below which there are:

  1. Account Settings: It holds different functionalities to improve personal profile, read details.

Account Settings

  1. Billing Details: Information such as Billing Address, GSTIN are stored here,

Billing Details

  1. Logout to end the current session user can use Logout option.

# Notifications

This tab shall blink whenever any new event happens with the project. For example; when the translator submit the project for review.


# Orders

Using this menu user can check out all the orders (current and previous) along with payment status.


# Transactions

It holds information about all the transactions made by user for the orders made.


# Client Dashboard

Client Dashboard

# Add Picture

User can add a profile photo for display purpose using this option. User can upload a file from local disk.

Add Picture

# Translation Credits

This is a premium service wallet that will hold the balance amount for the user interested in getting a manual translator/Proof-reader for the project.

Translation Credits

# Buy Credits

Using this option, client will be able to buy Translation Credit credits in the account.