A dedicated community to connect lingual experts globally named as Kutumbh has been originated by Devnagri. It helps to resolve any query and in getting mentorship from experts. Not only it improves translation skills but also gives an opportunity to earn limitless with the quality work in the same field. Below given is the guide for translator to join Devnagri Kutumbh & start earning.

Getting Started As Translator

Signing Up

Translator (Further, can be termed as “Translator”or “User”) can join the community either by using the link or else by clicking “Become a Translator” button given on top of the home page. Become Translator

  1. Add Language pair with proficiency level, Domain expertise and choose “Next” option Form 1
  2. Check out the given terms and conditions carefully and accept by using the checkbox, press next Form 2Form 2
  3. Enter the personal details and press “Finish” button. Form 3

Log In

  1. User can login devnagri by using credentials (EMail ID & password) made during the sign-up process
  2. User can also login using “Magic Link” option, using it user shall enter the registered email ID in the given text box and a unique link shall be emailed on the same ID using which he/she can login directly. Trans Signin

Password Recovery

If user has forgotten (or want to reset) the registered password, then using “Forgot" option given on login screen it can be renewed (or reset). Enter the registered Email ID and press "RESET", a reset password link will be emailed. Click on that link and enter new password. User will be notified on the successful change of the password.

Trans Signin

Attempt Test

User will be required to attempt test in order to start with the projects in desired language and field. This option is present on the top of the main screen after Login/Signup.

  1. The option to attempt test will be available on the dashboard for the first time user. select the language and start test to get “verified” tag Translator Test
  2. Translator will be required to read all the instructions and start test. Translator Instructions
  3. User will be required to answer all the questions asked while following the instructions provided.
  4. On the basis of evaluation user will either be verified or would be required to take test again. In both of the cases user will be notified via email and notification.

Note: User can also attempt for other languages other than added at the time of sign up by following the steps given here

  1. Go to "Profile" section given in top-right corner of the dashboard. Translator Profile
  2. Select "Languages" tab and choose the option to "Add More Language" to attempt test in desired language pair. Translator Language Add Language
  3. Go to "Actions" tab and select "test". Language Added Language Test

Translation of the Project

As soon as the translator is assigned a project, he will be notified in “Notification” tab and also via Email on the registered email address. Click on the project name highlighting on the dashboard to start with the translation.

Translation Screen

This screen will be showing every details for the translation to be appropriate, user will require to follow the steps as given below Translation Screen

Header Section

The section holds important information regarding the project such as:

Project Type

It gives a detail about the category from which the project belong Project Type

Project Industry

This will help in understanding the exact background and targeted industry of the project Project Industry

Target Audience

This option shall specify the target audience age group, this concern helps to translate keeping the words understandable for that level of audience.Target Audience

Level of Politeness

Client will specify the level of politeness as in what form shall the translation take place.Level of Politeness

Main Translation Screen

The screen will hold two main sections for the translators

Original Text

The left side of main screen will show the “original text” which requires translation Original Text

Translated Text

Translator shall translate the text in this box against each message. There are three options along with text box Translated Text


The translator shall “Save” each correct translation using “Enter” option of the keyboard. As soon as the translator click “Enter” button the text will be auto saved and cursor will move to the next option Save


Each comment from the end user, reviewer, manager, translator against each sentence shall be inside this option Comment 1 Comment 2

Revision History

The option will give the number of revisions that the translator had done for the appropriate output Revision History

Footer section will hold a few vital options and information about the project such as

Information Bar
Toggle Controls

To minimize or maximize the controls tray, user can click on the “Toggle Controls” option. This helps in removing the non-active controls from translation screen. Toggle Control Toggle Control

Colored Button Status

Each color define the status of translation as:

  • Completed - accepted at user end Completed

  • Translated - if the translation is done Translated

  • Rejected - for all the rejected translations Rejected

  • Non-translated - the translations on which the work is yet to be done Non-Translated

Total Words

It will give the total words for the translation to be done Total Words

Translated Word

The total word count for the translated words against original text. Translated Word

Completed Percentage

This will show the percentage amount of translation completed by the translator. Complete Percentage

Action Bar

There are few options that translator can use for the easy and quick work.


Automated Translation, it opens default at first time translator comes to translation screen. This will hold all the automated machine translations to help the translator to work efficiently AT


Translation Memory, it will hold all the earlier done translations for similar projects. The translator shall select the matching words from translation memory to complete the task at a faster pace. TM


There are few shortcut keys or controls to speed up the translation work, the translator can use all the shortcuts mentioned under this. Keyboard


All the instructions related to translation and overall suggestion by the user will be stored here. Translator should read these instructions (if given) before starting the work Information


Translator can adjust the text size using this option Zoom

Page View

It helps in switching the page view from original plus translated content to only translated content. Page View


The language tab will hold all the languages assigned to translator for conversion. The translator can switch the languages to complete project. NOTE: for single pair of language translation the tab will remain frozen. Language


The file tab will show all the files, present for translation. The translator has to complete translation for all of the assigned files before the project is completed. File

Autofill AT

To fill the complete project with automated translation user can choose this option and select from the given recommendations. Note: If the translator chooses this option after partially translating the project manually, then, the work done will get overridden by automated translation. Thus, the translator should use this option carefully. Autofill


As soon as translator completes all the files in each language the complete button will be activated for translator to send the work to manager, reviewer etc. Translation Complete

Steps of Translation

  • Original message will be displayed in the project on the left side for the translation, user can opt from the multiple Automated Translation (AT) options to select the suggestions.

  • Check the converted message and edit or rephrase according to instructions and context

  • After this user will press the “Enter” button and the text will be auto saved, the next box will be active for translations, the sentence color will change in main screen confirming the changes made.

  • As soon as the last sentence is translated from all the files and in all the languages, “Complete” button will be activated in action bar, click the button to submit text for “Proofreading”.

  • Dashboard will show the project, it will be showing the status as “Proofreading” for further confirmation.

Translation Completed

Once the translation is accepted at our end the user will get the “Completed” message on the top of the project. A notification and an email will be sent to the user credentials. Earnings will be added in the account.

Project completed